The Bullshitter's Guide : How To Talk To Beautiful Girls

Jun 27 2016

Learn How To Chat Up A Sexy Girl - The Caprice Way

While we at Agency Caprice understand completely most of you are witty, confident London chaps with more zingy one liners than Bruce Forsyth. But some of you are not. And some of you see our escorts because you have, for whatever reason that is personal to you, trouble with the opposite sex. You’ve never met that right girl, or the asshole in the office scored the pretty receptionist you had had your eye on for months, or, quite simply, you lack confidence.


Rule Number 1. Girls know you are chatting them up, no matter how round the houses you go about your approach. While this maybe a major event in your life, summoning every ounce of courage and strength you have, girls get chatted up and asked out all of the time. It’s no big deal to them. They see it as a compliment. Relax. I SAID RELAX!!! Geez.


Rule Number 2. You’ve got a plastic bin liner in your underpants to hide any accidental pee stains and now you have made your move. She hasn’t immediately told you to fuck off. It’s time to get a conversation going. Here’s the trick - ask open ended questions. When a tad on the nervous side, ask questions that get her talking rather than allowing her to answer with a yes or no. She does the talking, and you get a chance to think of the next question while you pretend to listen. Bonus points also available because it shows the girl that you are interested in them as people, and not just after their exciting goodies. Apply this to your real life, and with our lovely escorts. The more of a connection you can build, the better your date will go.


Here are a few questions to get you started. Pick three or four, memorize them, and add them to your London Escort Attack Plan.


1.   Who would you invite, living or dead, to a dinner party?

2.   Which came first, the chicken or the Roman Empire?

3.   What songs do you sing in the shower?

4.   If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?

5.   Where did I leave my keys? Any ideas? Did YOU TAKE THEM????

6.   Which is your favourite marching band, and why?

7.   What is your favourite childhood memory?

8.   Who do you think is going to win the world coxless two man rowing championships next year?

9.   If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?

10.  Any chance you can come around and fix the squeaking breaks on my ’74 Mini?



Then, and only then, when you feel you have got to know your London escort a bit better, can you then ask if she does A Levels and stare stupidly at her breasts.