- erotic fiction written for Agency Caprice by EJ Thribb

Chapter One : Mr London Picks His London Escorts

Chapter Two : Mr London Watches A Show

Chapter Three : Mr London Has His Girls

Chapter Four: Touring The House

Chapter Five : A Threesome for London


"Greetings, Mr London. Do come in."

Caprice opened the front door to her large, country retreat. I stepped forward, and warmly shook her hand. My wife Monica followed behind me, dressed in nothing except her collar ("For Hire"), 6 inch black high heels (it was a party, after all) and a small dog tail butt plug, curving into the air from her ass. The door closed the real world behind us.

"I have refreshments ready for your pet," Caprice said in her soft voice, and pointed down to the dog bowl on the floor.

"Thank you. So thoughtful." I lead Monica over and we both watched her get down on the floor and lap up a few mouthfuls of water.

I looked over Caprice’s shoulder into the joy beyond.

The hallway was a hive of activity. Other guests arriving (mostly men –all in tuxedos, some with female partners), small talk, drinks, coats removed. Beautiful hostess girls attended – probably also London escorts - smiling, welcoming, touching. They were all dressed the same, in a black silk corset that clung to the underside of their otherwise exposed breasts, which clipped to a matching pair of exquisite satin panties. From that stretched suspenders to sheer stockings, and the girls were all finished off in high heeled ankle boots. Their hair, makeup and styling had clearly taken a lot of time, was elegant and perfect.

"Mr London - this is Lucy. She will be your hostess this evening. Her duty is to ensure you have the most wonderful time imaginable this weekend. She will ensure your luggage will be put away in the correct room, once you tell us where you will be sleeping. We are not quite sure which room you will be in yet. And this is your escort's bag?"

"Yes. It is just a change of underwear, some toys and her favourite sleeping butt plug."

"I see. Lucy - would you take care of this case too, please?"

Lucy nodded. "Of course, Caprice. And pleased to meet you, Mr London."

"May I take Monica?" said Caprice. "I have lots of lovely things in store for her."

Monica stood back up and wiped her lips dry, and stood next to me, her eyes scanning her new surroundings, unsure of what was in store for her.

"Yes, go ahead. Enjoy every inch of her." I handed her Monica’s hand and turned my attention to the strikingly beautiful Lucy, a tall blonde girl with radiant looks and a smile I wanted to kiss immediately. I noticed other escorts were already placing their hands over the cocks of the guests, smiling and chatting to the men as they did so. Clearly this was not the first time this had happened to any of the people around me and I wondered if I was the only first-timer.

"Good evening, Mr London. There is no need for chivalry here - please - no need for discretion at all. If you want to look at my breasts or feel them, you may. If you want to place a hand of my ass you may. Please help yourself to any of the escorts. We are here to ensure you are constantly aroused and entertained. Would you care for a drink?"

Another hostess had arrived carrying a drinks tray, and I helped myself to the champagne.  I saw Monica was now being led around to meet the other guests with Caprice. I saw hands reach for her and touch her, and enjoy her beauty.

"This hostess is the charming Mrs Kensington, Mr London."

Mrs Kensington smiled at me and my eyes fell to her busty chest, ripe, and beautifully encased in her corset.

"36D, Mr London," she said, but she saw me laughing.

“My name?” she smiled back. “Austin Powers, of course! I thought it would fit in nicely for Caprice’s parties, don’t you?”

“Yes. Yes indeed.”

"Feel her breasts, Mr London," urged Lucy. "Kiss them. Absolutely no need to hold back. Please do as you wish, as your body desires."

Mrs Kensington took the drinks tray into one hand and held it to one side. I leaned into her and kissed her breasts, licking at the nipples, loving their shape and softness, their smell. I felt her hand on my cock and I moved one of my hands to knead her ass, while my other rested on her small waist.

"He is already so hard, Lucy," laughed Mrs Kensington. "You should take him to meet the high class London escort."

"Escorts?" I said. "There is more?"

"Oh yes" laughed Lucy. "There are dozens and dozens of London escorts to make love to. If you have finished introducing yourself to Mrs Kensington's lovely breasts we can move on."

I nodded a goodbye to Mrs Kensington and her hand fell away from my cock as I moved away.

Lucy took my hand and led me through the entrance hallway to meet the girls. Other well-dressed men walked past me and around me, nodding politely, some arm in arm with a high class escort, others were wearing decorated Venetian masks, so their discretion was assured.

"This way. We have all of the escorts here for you to see and enjoy."

I turned the corner into a wider corridor, wood paneling, paintings and my feet sank noticeably into the lush, deep red carpet. On either side of the corridor were two rows of around 30 naked girls, 60 in total, kneeling, the mouths open, pleasuring the arriving guests as they walked by. Hostess girls were introducing the men to the escorts as they slowly walked up the line, dipping their cocks into any or all of the girls' mouths that caught their eye.

"Blonde escorts to the left, brunette escorts to the right, Mr London. And at the far end we have the Asians. Guests are allowed to select two girls. Caprice has told me you are our guest of honour tonight, and can do what you wish, with whom you wish. The other guests will not be awarded their selections until you have made your choice. May I release your cock?" Lucy didn't wait for my answer, and carefully pulled my fly down and reached for me, caressing and gently stroking my already hard length.

"And what if I want you, Lucy?"

"Hostess girls can be touched and enjoyed, but a real interaction cannot occur until after the party, Mr London, and at the hostesses’ discretion. You will be fast asleep by then! We have a job to do and as much as we love to party with the other girls we cannot. "

She continued to stroke me, looking into my eyes, a saucy smile, her face just inches from mine.

"Would you like me to fuck you, Lucy?"

She smiled. "You have a very nice cock, Mr London."

She moved into my ear, pushing her exposed breasts against my chest, her hand still stroking me. "Yes," she whispered. "I'd love you to fuck me." She pulled away, smiling, and led me to the first girl's mouth, a nice blonde girl. "The party nearly always ends up in the Great Room, just over there," she said, pointing to the now empty room further ahead.

I watched the girl below me lean forward and take me into her mouth, loving and soothing her tongue over my cock. I let out a short gasp and noticed Caprice walk by, my wife now on all fours crawling behind. She made a space in the row of brunettes for her and she took her place to welcome the arriving guests with her expert cock sucking mouth. Caprice turned and walked off into the Great Room, turning on the lights so I could get a better sense of its size.  I could just see sofas and chairs randomly placed throughout the room, a massively high ceiling, not much else. Two girls followed him in, and the door was shut behind them.

I could hardly concentrate on what Lucy was saying.

"...and is just 21 years old. This is Hayden's fourth party here and has proved very popular at other parties. Guests have talked about her lovely soft lips, her tight ass and oral technique and she is able to take the longest of cocks into her throat."

I began to fuck gently into her mouth, looking into her eyes, her pretty face. She saw me looking down and pushed her tits out for me.

Lucy pulled me away. We skipped the next girl, but I pushed my cock into the waiting mouth of the third girl, an exceptionally pretty girl with longer blonde hair and fuller breasts than Hayden.

"May I introduce you to Sarah. Sarah is 23 years old and the daughter of a very successful English businessman. As you have already seen, her breasts are some of the finest we have here. Firm, a nice c-cup, very beautiful, I am sure you agree. Nice, smooth skin and an eager lover. Her escort reviews mention her real desire to deep throat, and is very open minded."

"By open minded, you mean she does anal?"

"Yes.  Sarah does enjoy that. We have lubrication in jars all over the house and a hostess can get you some if you cannot find it."

"Sarah - are you enjoying sucking in my cock?"

I pulled my hips back so that she could answer.

"Yes, sir. Very much." A cute English accent. She leaned forward to take all of me back into her mouth, to show me her skill.

"This is Mr London, Sarah. He is one of Caprice's very special guests tonight." Lucy turned to me. "Sarah is an in demand escort, Mr London. There have been seven other requests for her tonight. You will not be disappointed."

I fucked into her mouth with a dozen or so smooth strokes, and watched her take me with ease. I pulled out and watched her lick her spittle off my shaft.

"She is excellent, Lucy. Let's move on." I smiled at Sarah as I moved off and she smiled back, and held my gaze. "Tell me - these elite London escort are all here by choice?"

"Oh yes. Most of them love the sex, the connections they make with rich and powerful men. And of course the money. They all love the money. Caprice has them working for mostly £300 an hour, so elite pricing. Many often go on private bookings with the men they meet here. We have even had a couple of marriages in our history."

I sampled several more blonde escorts before walking back, holding hands, with Lucy and starting at the beginning of the brunette section.

I pushed my cock into the nearest brunette, her smile so welcoming and her mouth so wide I could not resist.

"Mmmmm. That's nice."

"This is Rebecca. This is her first party so we have no escort reviews. She has told us she is truly bisexual, though prefers cock. Not open minded. Young at 19 years of age and a local college student. Your friend Sarah recommended her to us."


"She says she is a b, but I think she might be a small c. Very pretty, I am sure you agree."

"Rebecca - if I fucked my cock all of the way into your pretty mouth, do you think you could take it?"

"Rebecca - this is Mr London."

She pulled her head off my cock and said "I think so, Mr London. I hope so. May I try?"

"Move your head onto him, Rebecca. Do not let our guests do all of the work."

With still a good inch of me exposed, Rebecca began to gag and instinctively pulled back.

"That's OK, Rebecca," soothed Lucy. "You have a range of about 7 inches, which is better than most girls here. You will find plenty of gorgeous cock that can take you all of the way. Mr London - let's move on."

"Lucy - I am almost certainly going to select Sarah this evening, and my other girl just has to be an Asian. I have not fucked an Asian in such a long time.”

“Can you show me your collection of Asian escorts?"

"Yes, of course. Let's go to the end of this row." She gently took my cock and pulled me towards the six or seven Asians at the end, their mouths wide open. A man with his hostess was fucking one of their mouths, his balls slapping against her chin, and it looked like he was about to come when he quickly stopped and pulled out, his wet cock glistening in the dim light.

"This one," he said to his hostess. "I want this one and the brunette with the really big tits."


"Yes - that was her. Selina."

The hostess tapped into her iPad his selections and led him away further into the house.

I walked back past Monica. She caught my eye and I ignored her. I wanted her to feel alone. I recognized the fear of uncertainty on her face. Cock sucking she could handle. But could she handle Caprice?

I was now standing in front of the first of the Asians.

"This is Betty. 26 years old and has been with us for some time. Let me see...yes, this is her twelfth party." As she spoke she guided my cock into her mouth. "Can be submissive, loves threesomes and is a party girl. Good reviews for her deep throating. Is open minded. What do you think?"

"Her suction is quite remarkable. Really good.”

I reached around and felt Lucy’s sensational ass, and pulled her closer to me, kissing her harder, relishing the simultaneous suction on my cock from Betty.

"Mr London. Please. I must help you to select your girls for this evening. Please." She broke away, her face flush with passion. "This girl is Linn."

I fucked a few more times into Betty's fantastic mouth and moved over to Linn, kissing Lucy again. Linn quickly took me into her mouth, and began to make love to my erection.

"Hmmm. She's very pretty. Absolutely stunning, in fact." I could see her smile through her eyes and she ran her tongue over my cock, and then up and down my length before taking me all the way in again.

"Linn is a very popular girl and is a passionate escort. Mr London. She is in demand and is a great cock sucker, as you now know. Loves it from behind, on top and showing her tight ass in a reverse cowgirl. 34C's, which make her breasts look larger on her smaller frame. Caprice tells me she loved to send Linn out on dinner dates and overnights. Bisexual, of course, and is one of our prettier Asians.”

I was losing myself to Linn’s incredible mouth, sucking me in the most delightful way,

"Mr London - are you enjoying her technique? Please instruct her on any preferences."

"No - Lucy - she is fantastic. She is just fantastic." I couldn't help but fuck gently into her mouth, and marvel at her pretty face. Just longer than shoulder length hair, lovely porcelain skin, my cock looked so big against her smaller face. "How tall?"

Lucy quickly looked down to her iPad. "Five foot two. She is a petite escort, Mr London."

"I'd like to see her ass." I slowly pulled my cock from her mouth and Lucy immediately began to tend to my saliva coated shaft with her hand.

"Please stand and turn, Linn, and bend over so that Mr London can view your ass."

"Lovely, Lucy. She is lovely," I said, running my hand over her tight cheeks. "From behind it looks like she is a school girl. So firm and small. Is she open minded?"

"Yes, of course. Not at first, but she has come to enjoy it."

I pushed my cock between her butt cheeks and began to rub against her.

"I want this one. With Sarah."

"Excellent choice, Mr London."

"And you, of course."

"Mr London - are you deliberately trying to get me into trouble?" she teased.

"Yes. I am."

She smiled mischievously and tapped my selections into her device.

"It will take ten or fifteen minutes for the girls to freshen up - they will meet us in the Great Room. Now, put your delicious cock away and I will give you a quick tour."

I took one final look at the corridor now behind me and noticed that a number of men were lining up to enjoy my wife, Monica.

"Please put one of your hands on my ass and follow me, Mr London," she said with one of her naughty smiles.


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