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Aug 24 2016

London Escort World News
- Straight from the Agency Caprice news desk

Escortmon Go

It’s the new app that’s sweeping London - Escortmon Go. Free to download though without the £1.99 upgrade all Escortmon girls are fully clothed. Search throughout London for virtual Escortmon girls, take snaps and upload them to social bullshit


The Scorties : The Best London Escort Awards Show

Jul 18 2016

Last night at the prestigious Hotel La Swank in London’s West End, Agency Caprice held its bi annual awards show, “The Scorties,” hosted this year by Bradley Wiggins and keyboardist Rick Wakeman.

Presenting the awards were a several escort business celebrities - Detective Inspector Peter Wallace, Inland Revenue lead investigator Ruth Shrillingsworth, and Banking Fraud investigator Sidney Goldberg.




Frequently Asked Questions

Jul 11 2016

Where do London escorts like to be kissed?

Start lovingly on her purse and then move SLOWLY to her hand bag.


What happens if I fall in love with a Caprice escort?

There is a common two step process to ensure a happy long term relationship with one our London escorts.

1.  Sell your house in a cash


The Most Ridiculous Gifts London Escorts Have Received.

Jun 26 2016

We sat down with a group of Caprice girls and got them spilling the beans by treating them to some lukewarm tea and a pack of chocolate digestives. What, we asked, were some of the most lavish and ridiculous gifts you have ever received?



“Well, there was one guy. Barry. I’ll never forget him. He really wanted to impress me, I could tell.


Best Boutique Hotels In London

Jun 27 2016


The Milestone Hotel

1 Kensington Court | Kensington, London W8   |


Located on Kensington High Street on the south west corner of Hyde Park, this grade II listed mansion offers 44 opulent rooms and 12 super luxury, super opulent luxury suites. That


The Bullshitter's Guide : How To Treat Your London Escort

May 25 2016

Chaps - you know the saying - treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady. Sadly, that expression uses the somewhat vulgar term ‘whore’, so let’s rewrite that for today’s sensitive PC palette. Treat your fucking, over demanding wife like a piece of crap for once and your beautiful Caprice London escort like a lady. That’s better. The girls at Agency Caprice are all really nice girls. We chat to them every day.

Learn How To Chat Up A Sexy Girl - The Caprice Way

The Bullshitter's Guide : How To Talk To Beautiful Girls

Jun 27 2016

While we at Agency Caprice understand completely most of you are witty, confident London chaps with more zingy one liners than Bruce Forsyth. But some of you are not. And some of you see our escorts because you have, for whatever reason that is personal to you, trouble with the opposite sex. You’ve never met that right girl, or the asshole in the office scored the pretty receptionist you had had your eye


Best Late Night Bars In London

Apr 29 2016

Looking for happening London places to go to with a beautiful Agency Caprice purring by your side? Here are a few joints where the party never really ends. 


The Hippodrome

Open 24/7. Cranbourn Street, WC2. 020-7769 8888, hippodrome

This is the insomniac’s

Thing To Do In London With Your Affordable Escort Date

New To London? - The Caprice Guide Of Common Sense

May 03 2016

Well, you have just arrived in town and eager to show off your new arm candy.  If you really have no idea about the joys of London our advice would be to talk to the London savvy, Caprice receptionists about what sort of entertainment is going to go down well with your particular date. Some girls may like sushi, others may be horrified by the prospect of eating raw fish. Some may dig Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, others may prefer your